Three Incredible Day Trips In Newport News That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Three Incredible Day Trips In Newport News That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

All of us have those days that we just want to cover up our heads and sleep the day away. This can even happen while you are on vacation. I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t get enough vacations to be in a bad mood while I’m on one! If you happen to be staying in Newport News and find yourself in a slump, we are going to take your hand and take you n an adventure. By the end of the day, you will have a huge smile on your face and ready for the next day!

Are you ready to get started? Put on your walking shoes and let’s get going!

What is the one thing that has the ability to put a smile on just about anyone’s face? How about a bunch of cuddly and exotic animals? Can you honestly tell me that a baby monkey will not melt your heart? Or what if that same monkey goes on a poop tossing rampage, that is not going to put the smallest smile on your face? At the Virginia Living Museum, you will get a wide range of animals. From mysterious and rare red wolves to lumbering turtles. For a thrill toss your hands into the touch pool and see what comes up. It might be pinchy or it might be slimy, but I bet you find yourself squealing like a child by the end of it!

If animals aren’t your thing, you just may want to absorb some fresh sun rays and some cool water. However, I would suggest staying away from Virginia Beach due to the large crowds. Why not stay close and head over to the Huntington River Park instead? This is a beautiful area along the James River and is going to offer all of the benefits of the ocean without the drive and the waves. But hey waves are way overrated unless you are a surfer! Regardless, spend the day here and grab a bite to eat along the river and simply decompress. You would not believe what the sun will do for a bad mood! I guarantee you will have a smile on your face regardless of the sand in your bathing suit!

To be honest it is almost impossible not to end up with a smile on your face when you are on vacation at Newport News. Have a great tie and let us know what your favorite destination was!