Three Incredible Destinations In Newport News Made Just For History Buffs

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Three Incredible Destinations In Newport News Made Just For History Buffs


As you may already know Virginia is an incredible destination for history buffs. In fact, right around Newport News, you will find Williamsburg among a host of other historic areas. There are a host of activities and destinations in the area for the history fanatic. It becomes quite the chore to find the best locations to find out about local history. With that in mind, we decided to find three of the best and share them with you today. If you are ready to go back to a forgotten era, follow along!

One of the first stops on our journey today is at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum. While this museum is not totally devoted to historical vehicles, there is plenty to see and do. It is interesting to see how vehicles have changed over the years in warfare. This is the perfect museum for those who are interested in war and vehicle history.

Next up in the line is the incredible Virginia War Museum. To some, this is a small museum, but it is packed full of information and artifacts. There is a wide range of tools and weaponry dating back to the civil war. The museum works in a timeline form and it is quite easy to find the specific era you are looking for. The museum specializes in guns, ammunition, helmets, even full uniforms from various wars. It is incredible to see the displays that are featured here and while it is small, it may take some a full day to explore it fully.

Finally, if you are fascinated with the Civil War, a stop by the USS Monitor Center is an absolute must. In all honesty, if you are fascinated with maritime hstory or the Civil War, you just may need to spend two days here! This has become a favorite exhibit near the Mariners’ Museum. This tells the full story of the Monitor during the War as well as what happened after and how it was fully recovered and brought to the museum. It is an incredible story even for those who may not be all that interested in history.

As you can see, Newport News is a history lovers dream. You can easily spend a week in this area uncovering unique tidbits of history that you may never have heard about or read in the history books.